Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English (Coursera)

Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English

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Roughly half of the world’s population is already online and so setting yourself apart from the crowd is more important than ever before. One of the best ways to do that is by creating your own ePortfolio. An ePortfolio is a site that showcases or shows your background, your resume, and samples of your work. In this course, you will learn step by step how to build the site and you’ll learn the grammar, vocabulary and writing skills needed to create it. You will learn how to apply information from your ePortfolio to other online tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in order to network with others so that you get a job or connect with other professionals. For each step in that process, you will listen to lectures, take comprehension quizzes, and learn how to use English appropriately to each part of your site. You will also complete self and peer assessments and gain the needed skills to make your ePortfolio a reality and establish yourself online.

This course is part of, Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization (Coursera)

What you will learn in Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English Coursera course

  • Write a proper headline or title for your ePortfolio
  • Describe your work in 1 sentence and in longer forms
  • Identify how to use hashtags effectively
  • Write an effective summary about yourself and your work
  • Apply appropriate vocabulary to write your education and professional experience for your resume
  • Understand how to write a tweet to get a job
  • Discover how to write specific comments and network work with others
  • Apply what you have on your portfolio to other tools like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

Coursera Build Your Professional ePortfolio in English Syllabus

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Complete the Main Parts of Your Resume

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